About US


 15 years ago, the history of MERMAID began with a beautiful woman, who was a MERMAID at heart. She was so passionate to discover the beauty secrets that lay deep in the sea, that after a decade-long relentless commitment of an undying spirit combined with the curiosity of growing human technology, she finally discovered the precious mysteries of the sea and decided to share her priceless knowledge with the world, because she believed that, all life originates from the sea and every human deserves to celebrate their beauty.

 Thus, the foundation of MERMAID was laid for the development of professional skin-care range, carefully curated for those who care for themselves and the environment.

 A ‘Mermaid’ lives in harmony with the sea, and so the products are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. The name MERMAID has ever since stood on ethical grounds of development of high-quality skincare products lovingly curated and proudly made in India in collaboration with technology from Barcelona, Spain.

 This is the story of our founder, the beautiful Ms. S J Arora, a true beauty in thought, heart and action. At, MERMAID, we hold high, and pledge to continue this tradition of respect and empowerment of women.


Mermaid International


 The Brand Worldwide

 In the 2007s, the first cooperation with the United Arab Emirates was established and with it the first export to the Middle East.

In the early 2008s, distribution contracts with our partners in Africa, USA, United Kingdom and Saudi followed. Ever since, the interest for the professional cosmetic brand "Made In India, With Spanish Technology' has been growing and Mermaid is now sold in over 19 countries worldwide.