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Mermaid Coffee & Jasmine Seaweed Yogurt

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Mermaid Body yogurt is a moisturiser that quickly gets absorbed into the skin. It has emulsifiers which form a shield on the skin and keep it moisturised for a long time. As compared to regular creams and lotions, body yogurt has a long-lasting effect. Mermaid Body yogurt is applied on damp skin for the best results. The consistency is gel-like and lighter as compared to body creams or lotions.  Long-Lasting Moisturisation :- One big reason why Mermaid body yogurts are getting all the love this season is that they offer a long-lasting moisturisation. While the body lotions and butter offer a moisturisation that lasts about 12-24 hours, body yogurts last for about 48 hours. Those blessed with dry skin can't really do without some moisturiser, especially during winters. If you are looking for a product that keeps your skin moisturised for a long time then you must invest in a body yogurt.  Quick Absorption :- In today's fast-paced life, who has the time to moisturisers which take forever to absorb? Mermaid Body yogurts get absorbed within a few seconds and keep the skin moisturised for a long time. It all gets even quicker if you use body yogurt on damp skin, just after taking a shower.  Feels Lightweight :- During winters, there is always a need to reapply creams and lotions on our skin. However, a lot of them feel heavy and sticky and we feel like just skipping the whole thing. Mermaid Body yogurts are lightweight. They don't feel heavy or sticky on the skin due to their gel-like texture. Mermaid Body yogurt quickly gets absorbed and doesn't make your skin feel heavy. 

How To Use :Take a Spoonful of Body yogurt and gently Rub it all over your body applying especially on your arms and legs. Let it sink in and entice your senses by massaging it

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