Mermaid Special: Polyplant Marine

Mermaid Special: Polyplant Marine

Polyplant marine, used in various Mermaid skincare products, is a unique and innovative blend of five incredible seaweeds which is expertly curated in our labs. This plant extract complex contains:

1. Fucus Seaweed

 Fucus is a member of the brown algae. This   seaweed is widely used in skincare for its antioxidant   and healing properties.



2. Nori Seaweed

 Nori is a member of the genus Porphyra  sp. The   genus Porphyra is a part of   Rhodophyta (red   algae).Nori is a mineral- rich plant and is a good   source of vitamins A, B & C.



3. Enteromorpha Seaweed

 Enteromorpha compressa (L.) belongs to the   category of green algae. It is rich in carbohydrates,   proteins, and lipids. At present, algae are worldwide   considered a major source of essential nutrients and   are being increasingly used in occidental diets.   Enteromorpha is one of the edible seaweeds used for human consumption.


4. Wakame Seaweed

 Wakame Seaweed is an edible seaweed belonging   to the subcategory referred to as Brown Algae   (There are three subcategories: Red, Brown, and   Green). Known for their exceptional nutritional value   and versatility, seaweeds are a staple for East Asian   Cuisine. Backed by its skin regenerating, anti-oxidizing, and moisturizing properties, Wakame is a quite reputable ingredient in the skincare industry.


5. Lithothamnium

 Lithothamnium calcareum (Pallas). This red   seaweed is a member of Class Florideophyceae,   Order Crypyonemiales.Lithothamnium contains a   characteristically high proportion of mineral salts,   especially calcium, magnesium, iron and   manganese. Only traces of the remaining mineral components  can be found.


Skincare benefits:

  • Trans-epidermal water loss regulatory activity.
  • Polysaccharides and mucilage are known as hygroscopic substances because they create a matrix able to adsorb and retain large amounts of water. These substances remain on the skin surface, coating it with a thin moisturizing filmogenic layer that regulates transepidermal water loss, consequently improving skin biomechanical properties. Polyplant marine is a great emollient. Hence, it serves as a great moisturizer and enhances complexion. 

  • Energizing activity                                                                                                                                                              

  • Algae have the potential of nutrients in a natural balance, which allows for absorption, thus restoring nutrient deficiencies in different organs and tissues. The incorporation of algae into the world of cosmetics helps restore the natural skin balance, due to their ion-based elements (oligo-elements, vitamins, and minerals). Algae also absorb sea mineral salts, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, and vitamins. These elements provide a natural way to restore skin vitality and improve skin appearance.

    Polyplant marine is a great ingredient for tonifying, revitalizing, and stimulating the skin.

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