The Guava Magic

The Guava Magic
These tiny pear-shaped fruits with attractive color called Lingonberry, it is negative to the Scandinavian region of Northern Europe. It is also known as red berry, partridge berry, fox berry, cowberry, and Alaskan low bush cranberry.
There are many skin and health benefits, making lingonberry part of your daily diet routine, see the results by yourself.
Protects the skin from external influences
The lingonberry is one of the best sources of antioxidants. It due to  the presence of flavonoids in exceed level, as compared to other fruits and vegetable, it impacts directly for protecting the skin from external influences more efficiently   i.e. sunlight, air pollution and other chemicals.
Anti-photo aging properties
The studies said that the exceed properties of anti-oxidants reduce DNA damage, consequently slowdown in early aging. Aging also affected or delayed by a chemical present in lingonberry fruit called quecentin, which also acts as a shield for skin from UV radiations.
The solution to curing the acne skin condition
Additionally, lingonberry also has inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Which helps to treat the acne problem.
Studies said that, Incorporation of lingonberry in your daily diet level up the inflammatory properties, which help to boost up the regeneration power of the cell, leaves quick wounds healing and quick recovery of damaged skin tissue. Delay the aging process.
Anti – wrinkling properties
Another research proved that continuously 12 weeks consumption of lingonberry, the improvement of skin condition i.e. improved skin visibly,  skin becomes more elastic, which reduce the visibility of wrinkles on the skin.
Provides Healthy skin
It also adds the more content of vitamin C and A, which play a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin.

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